About us

Company Biastra Plius was established in 2005 to compost Vilnius city sewage sludge. Currently, we are one of the organic waste management leaders in Lithuania. We recycle sewage sludge, green and other biodegradable waste into nutrient rich compost.

We are an ambitious company that sets itself highest standards. We use proven technology and reliable technique to ensure required composting processes. We strive at to achieve the quality and efficiency at every step.

We want to make a strong contribution to the creation of a sustainable society. We are pleased to be expanding our operations and increasing amounts of recycled biodegradable waste. In 2012 we started operations in Švenčionėliai,  where we also compost sewage sludge and green waste.

Currently, we recycle over 30,000 tons of sludge and same amount of green waste. We hope that we will be able to improve biodegradable waste management and in other waste water treatment plants and municipalities.