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Biastra plius is Advetec Ltd. representative in Lithuania. Advetec manufactures Bio Thermic Digesters.


The Bio Thermic Digester – is designed to reduce and process large volumes of organic waste.

Reducing waste up to 96% through the use of Aerobic Extremophilic Bacteria ,that thrive at temperatures, between 200 and 400° Deg C.


Ideal for the removal of:

  • Black Bin Waste (Trash)
  • Sludge / Cake from Municipal treatment works
  • Organics & blood from Abattoirs/ meat processing plants
  • Sludge from Anaerobic digester’s.
  • Can remove Organics from contaminated plastics, glass and metals.
  • Fraction of the cost to run compared with traditional disposal methods.


Key features:

Massively reduces the need to send organic waste to landfill:

  • Allows you to process your waste on-site as it occurs
  • Safe and reliable complies with local legislations.
  • Gives you complete control of your waste disposal costs
  • Helps reduce your carbon emissions and meet your corporate environmental targets
  • Enhances your corporate green image
  • Provides you with a fixed cost organic waste management solution
  • Enhances bio-security
  • Provides a single process solution for all your organic waste, including Cat 2 and Cat 3 animal by-products


Bio Thermic DIgester

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